Who are you?

I’m a dweeb who reads a lot and really likes to share what I’m interested in with other people. This is a way of doing that without being on Facebook as much.

What is this website about?

The website is a way to share what I’m reading each week. You’ll also be able to get that from a newsletter soon.

What sorts of things do you read?

I read a lot of creative non-fiction, a lot of fiction, both novels and short stories. I also like to make brief forays into the current topics of the day.

What sorts of topics are you delving into?

I like to read about how feminist politics are becoming more complicated and evolving.
Social issues.
Issues I don’t know that much about, like science.

What kind of science?

I think it’s really interesting that the more we use the internet, the more aware we’re becoming of how the internet is changing the way we think and communicate.

I also like to talk about food.

Favourite food blog?

I like to try recipes out. I like recipes that are well-written and practical. Which is hard to find on food blogs.

So what are the good ones?

Smitten Kitchen. 101 Cookbooks. Heart of Light is not a food blog, but they share a lot of recipes that they’ve tried and have worked (which I’ve also cooked from successfully).

Best book you’ve read recently?

I really enjoyed the last novel I read and it was Outline by Rachel Cusk

Best article?

There was an article in lithub by Rebecca Solnit that was about the responsibilities that journalists have to be aware of historical and political ramifications of breaking stories, far beyond what is happening in that moment so that they don’t perpetuate poorly understood and poorly written myths. And when I shared it on FB I talked about how it’s also useful for readers to try and engage with infrastructures that we live in on a daily basis rather than just regurgitate what we’ve seen or just repeating silly, fatalistic memes because it’s convenient.

What was your most shared FB post?

Oh gawd. Content by me? Probably my Interrobang post about the housing market in Vancouver and Victoria and how it’s affecting renters.

What about something that wasn’t yours?

Rebecca Solnit posts are popular. Some of the existentialist comics about how shitty the world is.

Favourite show?

I will always rewatch Broad City.
I also really enjoyed the first three seasons of the Americans.
And I really like Fresh off the Boat.

Oh I haven’t seen that one.

It’s really good.

Okay. Tell me more about you.

More about me?

Yeah, if you were filling out a demographic survey, which boxes would you tick?

Okay. I’m 37 years old.
I’m a white woman.
I’m from Eastern Ontario.
I’m the grandchild of immigrants.
I have a brother.
I’m married.
I’ve lived in Victoria for 16 years.
I’m no longer an anarchist.

What did you study in school?

I have a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Arts in Studies in Policy and Practice.

What’s a favourite place you’ve been?

Utrecht, the Netherlands.
A place that feels like home to me is southern Maine. That’s my ultimate favourite place. It’s on the Atlantic. Which I love.

What’s a place you really want to go to?

I would like to do a bike trip around Holland including the islands. And I would like to go to Galway.

Oh! I’ve been to Galway!
Okay. So. What’s one link you want to leave us with?

Collosal | Art, design, and visual culture is a great way to fall down a rabbit hole.

And what’s with the allsorts?

Ha! I actually do not like this candy. I love the aesthetics. And, I think of curiosity as an allsorts kind of approach, as in: “I’m into all sorts of things.”

Interview (and website) by Krisztina Kun | @kunstudios.

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