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This week in ephemera.

Curiosity didn’t really kill the cat. Curiosity gives life to ideas and actions. Here, I share my curiosity. Conversations with myself (and anyone else) are usually ephemeral. Even after they’re gone, wisps floating away from my brain, I know they were interesting.

Things I’m curious about right now:

Brexit: what the hell, Britain?! And, where to from here? Six key points. Could it be an opportunity for antiracist movements to grow? And some Canadian snark.

I’m always thinking about this one, but can reading fiction be your therapy? And is it possible to talk about self-care and therapy without assuming that happiness is the end goal? What about contentment, joy, even curiosity? In a depressed state any of these are harder to come by, possibly, and happiness seems to be too specific for attainment.

Assumptions that being coupled is inevitably better for humans grate. I could share loads of articles supporting that hypothesis and probably just as many refuting it. Instead, I’m celebrating the singletons I know and love with this 1936 advice column. Stay defiant, stay gold.

Oof. This is rape culture, not party culture. Make no mistake.

There’s more, so check back!